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A Youth-Centered and Cultural Experience of Sustainability

Conference Organization and Registration Information, please contact:

MA’O Organic Farm (Summer or Kukui)
P.O. Box 441, Wai’anae, Hawai’i 96792
Office: 808-696-5569

Hawai’i Island Volunteers/Donations, please contact:

Manu or Bodhi at 808-934-0182

Hawaii, Moku O Keawe, is gathering a collaborative of food communities, especially our youth, from Kauai to Hawai’i Island that will actively explore, develop, and nurture ‘ho’ea ea’ , a spiritual, physical, and cognitive pathway toward greater well-being and self-sufficiency that will:

  • build and sustain our inherent human right to food and food production;

  • strengthen connections between our youth, ‘aina, food, farmers, and communities; 

  • protects and perpetuates our foodsheds and productive  resources including the ‘aina, air, water, and our oceans;

  • ensure community control over food production areas;

  • protection of seeds and huli as the basis of food and life itself;

  • morartorium on any genetically modified crops which debilitates essential genetic diversity of life.